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Pause Table

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Pause table is available with separate tops and bases. 36"x36" sand painted table top is made from 3/8" marine grade plywood with 1"x4" pressure treated wood sides. It is primed first, (both sides) then painted with 2 coats of paint with sand texture. Bases can be ordered individually, in AKC sets (8",16",and 24"), or USDAA sets (12",16", and 24") or a combination of both (8",12",16",24"). Legs are interchangeable. Separate bases can be ordered for individual heights. Regular bases are made from 1.5" furniture grade PVC, and Heavy Duty Bases are made from 2" PVC. Heavy Duty 24" base has a tip resistant feature on the bottom. Position on opposite side of table approach. Rotates inward for shipping and storage.

Approximate weight of complete set of bases and top is 47 lbs.
Heavy Duty Sets are $30 more than the Regular.
Complete Set is $40 more.

PTT - Pause Table Top (painted) $100

PTB-AKC - Pause Table Bases (AKC set specify heavy duty $130 or regular $100)


PTT-SS - Pause Table Top Stars & Stripes $125

PTB-16 - 16" Base regular $50 heavy duty $65


PTB-24 - 24" Base Regular $85 Heavy Duty $105

PTTU - Pause Table Top (unpainted) $85

PTB-USD - Pause Table Bases (USDAA set specify Heavy Duty $130 or Regular $100)

PTB-AKUS - Complete Set of Table Bases (USDAA and AKC set specify Heavy Duty $140 or Regular $110)

PTB-8 - 8" Base Regular $50 or Heavy Duty $65

PTB-12 - 12" Base Regular $50 or Heavy Duty $65

Painted Colors - Also available in vinyl!
Please order using color code.

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